About Me

I love photography. I am very fortunate to be introduced to photography as it has offered me a place where my mind has no creative bounds. I have collections of lenses uniquely suited to my needs and shooting preference. I photograph any and everything that gives me a sense of beauty, majestic, peace, and happiness. But most of all I love color And lots of it. Color is the Essenes to our soul and a culmination of emotion through our sense of sight. It is one of the many mediums in which we make connections to a world at times unknown to us. I see my environment as my canvas. Photography helps me explore and be more inquisitive in cases where I would not. Overall this is a journey for me, and I hope that my photography seen through your eyes can help you start your journey. It is a big world out there no matter where you start; a journey is a journey despite the length of travel.

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